Fitness for Kids – Tips to Make it Fun

If you tell a child that they have to go out and play or walk to the park or cycle around the neighborhood, they will probably not like the idea that much. But if you make fitness for kids fun, then they start getting into the groove of being active effortlessly and without even realizing it!

fitness for kidsGet with the Music – Most kids enjoy music and this can be a way to work fitness for kids into their daily lives – play their favorite music and let them just move to the music anyway that they want.

If a child shows a special inclination or interest in dancing you may want to enroll the child in a dancing class that is age appropriate.

There are available specific activity song CDs that may be a useful way to get started on fitness for kids. Dancing can be an effective and enjoyable kids’ fitness routine.

Gather Kids together – whatever children do along with other children, they find more fun and stimulating. They get naturally more active and engaged when they are in the company of other kids.

It could be something as simple as playing tag, or running around with a game of hide and seek, which can enhance fitness for kids. So make a play date with the parents of your kids’ friends and get them together to get moving.

Get them involved in a sport – Starting a kid out on a sport early in life can be the start of a lifelong passion and is an excellent way to get them started on fitness for kids.

Not only does a sport encourage physical activity, it encourages a child to develop a sense of teamwork, make new friends and have regular outings that they can enjoy and look forward to.

Video Games – While we don’t ordinarily associate video games with fitness for kids they can be effective to get kids up and moving. Many video games that are designed for physical activity such as Kinect with its unique balance board, or the popular Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution get kids interested and are really useful tools for fitness for kids.

Get active as a family – when it comes to fitness for kids, there is no better way to lead than by example. Whatever form of activity you are involved in, involve kids as well – whether it is going for walks, a bike ride or a swim; take the kids along if possible. Even yoga or Pilates are great options for fitness for kids.