Fitness Is The Only Way To Stop America’s Downward Health Spiral

The cost of serious, but ultimately avoidable illness in the United States is over one trillion dollars.

If every citizen ate a healthy diet and exercised on a regular basis then the savings to the economy would be huge.

Research shows that as a nation America continues to enjoy fast food and any trend towards a healthier lifestyle in the last few years has passed most of the population by.

Perhaps it is now up to the new administration to run a public information campaign and make people realize the impact a bad diet is having on not only their health but also the

This over eating and under exercising phenomenon affects every level of income with over half of the population diagnosed with at least one chronic disease.

In schools a priority is now given to facilities such as parking lots whereas most of them no longer have any sort of physical activity on the curriculum.

It seems that what is required is a back to basics approach which quite possibly President Obama more than anyone is in a good position to achieve.

By re-educating the nation, to create new eating habits and finally make people appreciate the consequences of a high fat diet and a lifestyle lacking in a regular exercise routine.

At the very least a program should be introduced into public schools, so at least the next generation will change their eating patterns and be able to feel the benefits of regular exercise.

As a result, the population of over three hundred million men, women and children, have the potential to make a significant difference to health care and their own lives.