Fitness Leads To Good Marriages

Exercise might give couples a fun activity to do together. But recent research has shown that partners that exercise are likely to encourage their partner to do so as well.

Exercising can be great for a relationship. It relieves stress, which can be the source of many marital conflicts. Also, exercise can give a couple something to do together.

Couples who exercise together strive for similar goals, which can be a very binding part of a relationship.

Since healthy relationships consist of partners who care about the other’s well being, strong couples can enjoy the satisfaction of helping their partner ward off diseases and increase vitality.

Building trust

Exercising together can help you and your partner build trust. Many exercises actually put your partner’s safety in your hands and you can really build the “catch me if I fall” trust when spotting for your partner.

Also, when working out with your partner, you will both see each other straining to melt off the physical features that you’d rather not have.

This builds the “I don’t care what you look like” trust, since you will likely see your partner very flushed and sweaty. Exercise can also be very fun. Especially with aerobic exercise, you will feel extra endorphins and energy.

This will make it easier for you to have fun and show that “I can still be myself around you” trust that many couples lose when their relationship starts to seem too professional [Fun exercises].

Better sensuality

Exercising increases your energy level. This will serve your relationship well when you try to add playfulness to your daily life.

Also, increased energy will do you very well in bed. Not only will you have more energy for more intense sexual activities, but you will also have greater self-confidence, which will likely make you feel more adventurous during sex.

Great exercises for couples

So what kind of exercises are the best to do together? Really, that depends on the type of couple you are. If you are the type of couple that enjoys fun and games, you will have a blast playing a sport that you both like.

If you enjoy talking, consider walking or running and move at a pace at which you can still maintain a conversation.

If she likes yoga exercises, try it yourself. Yoga really is good for you and you will have more leverage to sell the health benefits of strength training workouts.

Just avoid competitiveness, since this can lead to unnecessary fights and feelings of inadequacy. If you are prone to fighting whenever you go to the gym, consider doing different exercises on different days so that you will not feel competitive.

Also, if you are the more athletic of the two, consider slowing down for the day to give your partner a chance to give up.Do not let your partner know that you’re slowing down though.

Exercise can lead to a healthier relationship in multiple ways, relieve stress and give yourself an excuse to have fun.