Fitness Mantras You Would Do Well To Remember – Part 2

Here are some more fitness mantras that one would do well to heed:

  1. It is possible to Speed up the metabolism: There are foods and certain beverages that can actually help to speed up the metabolism; noteworthy among them being certain spices (like peppers) and certain herbal teas.
  2. Water, Water, Water: Water can help you control your food intake and is useful for the body in more ways than one can count.
  3. Fiber: Fiber sourced from plants and fruits are rich in nutrients, it helps speed up digestion, keeps you regular and may even reduce absorption of fats by the digestive system.drinking water
  4. Fast Foods are a No-No: For a number of reasons. They are made by refining the food and robbing it of its nutritional value. They are cooked in unhealthy trans fats and pumped with preservatives to increase shelf life. They are just no good for you.
  5. Inches not pounds may be a better indicator of fitness: How do you reliably gauge your fitness levels? We have seen how the weighing scale could be misleading; inches are the best way to figure fitness.  In particular, the fit of the trousers are a good indication; they are what tell you what you measure at the waist, which is such a vital indicator of fitness.