Fitness Of Brain As Important As Fitness Of Body

In this Examiner article,we are reminded of something that we often overlook in the all important pursuit of physical fitness, which is fitness of the brain.

Here is a statistic that startles: in the United States, every 70 seconds there is someone who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. It is important to do our best to attain the sort of mental fitness that will help us keep this dreaded disease at bay. Some pointers:

  • Solve puzzles, do crosswords, get stuck in a Sudoku. Do everything possible to stretch and challenge your mind, so as to keep it in great working order.
  • Do logic and memory exercises to keep your mind alert and build your powers of concentration.
  • Take vocabulary tests and quizzes. If you fare well, you will feel really smart and even if you don’t, you’ll end up learning new things.
  • Read. No reading is futile.
  • Learn new skills. You are never too old to learn something new. Learning new things and skills, even dancing for instance helps make for a fitter, healthier brain.
  • Stay active and eat well. This is good not only for your body, but also your brain!