Fitness Strategies – Worth It or Not? (Part 1)

There are a number of fitness strategies that have become part for the course, that promise you good health, a great body and host of other benefits, but are these fitness strategies really worth it?

fitness strategies

1. Home gym – Not worth it. Working out at your local gym, or YMCA can be a better idea – there you’ll have trained staff that guide you about proper use of the equipment, first aid and CPR trained staff. Home equipment can get dated whereas in a gym you will typically find industrial strength machines that are better made. Gyms can also have things such as swimming pools that a regular person may not be able to afford. Motivation and socializing are other benefits.

2. Getting a Dog – Worth it. Having a pet makes you more likely to be active – going for walks, runs, throwing a Frisbee and so on. Not just that, having a pet is known to offer comfort and companionship and lower blood pressure and stress as well.

3. Warming up – worth it. When one is pressed for time, one may not want to take the time to warm up; but this is worth doing, since it makes your workout safer (reducing chances of injury) and more productive.