Beach body & Les Mills Create 2 Group Fitness Inspired Home Workouts

Group fitness classes are attended by millions of people each week in countries around the globe. One of the most recognized names in group fitness is Les Mills. Simply say the class name BODY PUMP and somebody somewhere will say they’ve tried it or at least heard of it.

For every one person who’s tried Les Mills classes there are hundreds who have not. Maybe they’ve held back due to fear of exercising in front of other people, perhaps the cost of a gym membership, or maybe it’s because they think it doesn’t work.

Whatever the reason, now there’s no excuse to trying Les Mills classes with the introduction of Les Mills PUMP and Les Mills COMBAT home versions of the BODY PUMP and BODY COMBA.

Home Workouts of Today Not Your Grandmas VHS Tapes

In home fitness has come a long way from the days of Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda. At one time home fitness videos were thought of as a cheesy way to get fit. Nowadays the home workout world has evolved into seriously intense programs used by average ordinary people to Hollywood celebs, famous musicians, and even pro athletes.

Since this is the case now it only makes sense that a well recognized and reputable company like Les Mills would want to expand their business to the in home exercise market. The most reliable company to help do that would be Beach body and voila their partnership is born.

Beach body Takes Class Fitness To Your Living Room

Beach body LLC best known for their line of very popular “extreme” workout programs like P90X and Insanity, have designed with the aid of Les Mills fitness instructors the Les Mills PUMP and COMBAT home workout programs.

With nothing more than a DVD player, TV, and a little living space you can now exercise to Les Mills instructors, listen to Les Mills selected music, and follow the specifically designed Les Mills routine all from the comfort of your home. While it may seems like these programs are designed to replace group class fitness, they’re actually designed to compliment it.

Everything You Need In One Package

The Les Mills workout programs come with everything you need to get the full Les Mills experience. For instance the BODY PUMP class requires those that attend to use a barbell with several weight selections of plates. Higher weights are used for lunge, squat and back routines while lower weights are used for arms and chest.

The entire class revolves around using a barbell for strength training. It’s a high rep low weight theory dubbed “The Rep Effect.” The home version of this class Les Mills PUMP comes not just with the 7 DVDs but also a padded barbell, safety clips, and two sets of weights. Les Mills COMBAT on the other hand is mixed martial arts based workout requiring no equipment.

Les Mills and Beach body have done their homework and used each others strengths to develop and produce two top notch home workouts. Whether you’re new to Les Mills classes or have been attending for years, you’ll want to check these programs out. Never miss class again with the new series of Les Mills inspired Beach body home workout programs.