Gym Versus Home – The Benefits Of Working Out At Home

While many of us may swear by the gym and claim that only working out at the gym can work for them, many of us may have the contrary view, that working out at home beats the gym any day!

Fact is both can work for a person, depending upon their own priorities and preferences. The pros or benefits of working out at home[fitness at home] are many:

It’s Free: Whereas a gym membership will cost you, working out at home is free. You can go for a brisk walk rather than walk on a treadmill or enjoy a real bike ride out in the fresh air rather than workout on a stationary bike.

Rather than use dumbbells, you can use a couple of cans and rather than use resistance exercise equipment, you can do pushups and chin ups for free.

Even, if you do make an initial investment to purchase equipment; that would be a onetime expense. There is no recurring expense such as a monthly or annual gym membership.

It’s Private: Many of us feel most reluctant to work out in front of other people. Either because we don’t want others watch and judge us, and the progress (or lack thereof) that we make, or because one does not like to get all hot and sweaty with others looking on, many of us may prefer working out at home.

Working out at home is as private as you want it to be. Also you can be dressed any old way; your oldest and most tatty clothes will do. At the gym you would need to be dressed presentably and may be rather tempted to go shopping for new trendy stuff as well.

Hygiene: Although many gyms have excellent hygiene and cleanliness standards, the exercise equipment at a gym will typically be used by a series of different individuals, whose personal hygiene the gym may be unable to control.

Also other users may bring in infections and viruses that one may be powerless to prevent exposure to. At home this is irrelevant since it is your own space and your own rules of hygiene apply.

You can follow your own schedule: A gym will typically have work timings and times when it will be shut. Further you may be assigned certain work out timings if that particular gym has rules as such.

At home you are free to work out at anytime that suits you. You can work really early in the morning or even have a late night workout session if that works for you. At the gym you may have to wait if someone else is using a machine, but at home you never have to wait.