What to Do When the Health and Fitness of a Loved One Deteriorates?

Adult children of aging parents often face the dilemma of being unable to look after an aged relative, most typically a parent as their health declines; they develop debilitating conditions and are no longer able to manage on their own.

Nursing homes, convalescent hospitals, care homes, retirement homes and other assisted living centers become an inevitable choice for older people who require assistance for day to day functioning and who require supervision lest they injure or harm themselves.

elder One FitnessHowever the Forbes blog speaks about the possible problems of aged individuals being abused and about what can be done to make sure that seniors get the kind of care and looking after that they need

1. Pick a care facility that is close by to the home and convenient for visits and so on. it has been seen that those in assisted living facilities who have frequent visitors fare a lot better than those who have rare visits from family members.

2. It goes without saying that one should ask plenty of questions about policies, facilities, and rules at the facility prior to entrusting a loved one in to its care

3.When the person is living in the facility, be vigilant and observe them closely for anything unusual – if there is any kind of unexplained bruising, bandaging, and so on, this should be cause for concern. It could be a sign of abuse in some rare cases or it could mean that the person is falling frequently, both worrisome scenarios.

If there is anything the matter, this should fine mention of this in their case sheet; if this goes unexplained then this is cause for worry as well.

4. Check for bed sores in those who are bed ridden. Early warning signs of pressure ulcers can be detected near the tailbone and should serve as a warning that the person may not be getting the kind of care they require. These ulcers can and should be prevented.

It is important to be vigilant about a loved one who is placed in such an assisted living facility, since it can be easy to miss out on the discomfort and even the suffering of those who are dear and near to us.

Though we can no long keep our loved ones at home because we probably do not have the resources to do so, we do need to make sure that they enjoy a comfortable and dignified life as they now approach the winter of their times and are at their most vulnerable.