Housework That Can Burn More Calories Within Short Period Of Time!

According to a study carried out by researchers in Britain, house work is the best exercise which makes you to burn more number of calories with in short period of time.

The various works which you do at your home like mopping the floor, cleaning and tilling your garden become the best exercises for you.

You do not feel much risk while performing these household works.

If you do enough work at your home, then there is no necessary to go to the gym. Even the gym exercise is also calculated as the less intensity exercise in front of this housework.

Coming to the interest level, you feel interested while performing house work where as the gym work makes you to feel bored after performing for some period of time.Burn More Calories

In order to create more intensity in your house work, try to perform various tunes like moving briskly, biceps curls, squats and some other moves in it.

  • More than 200 calories per hour will be burnt by vacuuming, washing windows and mopping. This exercise will be same as the medium intensity aerobics.
  • More than 400 calories will be burnt per hour by mowing the lawn. You can compare this work with cycling because same calories will be burnt in both of these tasks.
  • More than 500 calories will be burnt per hour by waxing the car and washing. You can compare this work with jumping rope because same calories will be burnt in both if these tasks.

By keeping these things in mind perform the work with interest and try to add entertainment in your work by playing your favorite music while performing the work.

  • By doing the housework regularly for at least 45 to 60 minutes, you can lose more body weight with in less span of time. More intensity is needed to perform the house work, so certainly your calories will be burnt easily and your body will come into the perfect shape without any extra muscles.
  • If you want to tone your hand muscles, perform the risky tasks which need lot of strength from your hands. In the same way, if you want to tone your leg muscles, perform the works which includes squats while doing the work.
  • If you want to tone your stomach, perform the work which includes bending and twisting your stomach. You can tone your tummy into the good shape by practicing bending and twisting.