How Much You Can Talk Is Good Measure Of Suitability Of Exercises

In the field of fitness, cardiovascular aerobic fitness is probably the key to the best physical exercise for our body.

Nowadays heart disease is the most common disorder amongst men and women, the risks of developing heart disease can be greatly reduced with an effective aerobic exercise for the heart and the lungs.

It is important to carry out the correct type of training and to exercise neither too much nor too little. You can assess your own working level by the way you are able to carry out a conversation.

If you cannot say more than a couple of words then this is a signal that you are exercising too hard, if on the other hand you can easily take part in a conversation, your level of exercise is too gentle.

When performing an aerobic activity you should measure the intensity of the exercise, which relates to the heart rate at which you work out. The frequency and duration must also be considered, that is how many times you perform the exercise in the space of a week and for how long.

Usually an exercise programme of 20 to 60 minutes, 3 or 5 times a week is the average rate people should be looking at, for a good physical condition, taking into consideration multiple factors related to age, sex and weight.

You may also work out your heart rate/workout intensity to help you control your fitness effort. By taking your pulse rate just as you wake up, for one minute on three consecutive days you will determine your specific heart rate; from then you will be able to monitor your workout intensity limits.