How to Get the Avenger Body

If you have seen the movie ‘Avengers’, for sure you have seen that it looks like all the actors have perfect bodies. The good news is that you can also have the perfect body in just 6 weeks with a workout routine and a diet plan.

Get stronger, grow muscle and lean up

the-Avenger-BodyThe main point of the program is that you can make a change every two weeks. This way it won’t become boring and you will have something to maintain your interest. According to the research done in this field if you change programs you can achieve better results.

Three programs and three goals

During the first two weeks you should improve your strength. The workout plan uses low reps, heavy weights and long resting periods. The routine was created for growth, recovery and gaining strength. This isn’t a powerlifting program but you must prime the muscles for the work that follows.

During the following two weeks you will have to do a lot more work. This is a phase of transition that prepares you for the last two weeks. You will have medium reps with moderate weight and shorter rest periods. In this phase you will have strength and volume to achieve lean muscles.

In the last two weeks you will have a higher rep range and you will also use some techniques to have higher intensity workouts. You will have to work faster in supersets. This is the time when you must push yourself. With the help of the workouts you will be building more lean muscles.

Diet plan

During each phase of the workout plan you will have a special diet plan as well. In the first couple of weeks you will have the break in period when you will get used to eating the right foods in the right amounts at the right time. In this time you are building discipline.

The second stage is again, a transition phase that prepares you for the lean down process. You will have to cut down the carbohydrates and you will have a higher intake of healthy fats. In the last phase you will be burning fat. You will become a muscle building machine that uses everything you eat for a given goal.

The program can be modified according to your needs. You have the possibility to perfect the program so it will fit your needs.

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