How To Lose Tummy Fat Without Ab Exercise

Here’s one of life’s paradoxes – if you want to lose weight in the abdominal area, don’t do any ab exercises! Read on to see how this seemingly contradictory advice makes sound sense.

When you exercise a muscle, it will typically get bigger, correct? Well, so it is with your abdominal muscles. If you want flatter abs you shouldn’t try and get them bigger by doing strenuous exercise to build them up.

Also since it is never possible to lose weight in only one place there is no point in doing ab exercises to get a flat tummy. You have to lose weight all over in order to get that flat abs.

The fact it that all of us have abs, those desirable 6 packs and 8 packs; they are just obscured because they are hidden behind that layer of fat that most of us have.

The way to get those six and eight packs to show is not by doing ab exercises, but by doing the kind of aerobic and strength training exercises that will make you lose weight all over your body.

So remember, if you want those flat abs, don’t exercise them; creating a fitness routine for yourself can help to get your entire body fit; the abs will appear on their own!