Importance Of Your Fitness Assessment

Physical fitness is very important in today’s world. The television, magazines and books are flooded with fitness equipment and apparel.

Well with all this hype about fitness “What really is fitness and how do you determine fitness? Fitness is defined as the body’s ability to endure extreme physical activity.

You can determine your fitness by undergoing one of the fitness assessment tests that are carried out annually in different towns, why not check for information on such events in your area.

Marathon for fitness assessment

Many towns and cities carry out some annual marathons that attract participants of all ages and sexes. The aim of these marathons is to endure the race and complete it. If you can manage to complete the race, then you can label yourself as fit.

Year after year you will be able to track down on the times you finished the marathon. If your fitness is improving then your finishing time should reduce gradually. Using such a race you will be able to measure your fitness and improve on certain areas.

Weightlifting for fitness assessment

Weight lifting can be another form of fitness assessment. Using weights on a barbell, you can lift up weights and keep increasing them till you cannot lift the bar.

When you reach to the weight you cannot lift you should record that weight. You should continue the procedure for a long time and in no time; you will realize that you are able to go further.

Fitness assessment from doctor

You can also get a fitness measurement from your doctor. Your doctor can let you do some simple exercises such as running on a treadmill(treadmill test) for a certain period of time. While you are running he/she will take readings of your pulse rate, heart rate, breathing rate and blood pressure.

Using all this information your doctor will be able to determine your fitness level and if there be any health risks you will be warned. Getting a doctor to carryout your fitness measurement has the advantage of that, it is accurate and it looks at all your body processes particularly your heart.

Your heart is very important when it comes to fitness. This is very useful, as you may be able to lift some heavy weights because your muscles can withstand the pain when your heart is working normally.

So it is very important that you consult a doctor and get the best fitness assessment. This will ensure that, you live a normal and healthy lifestyle.