9 Iphone Apps that Will Boost Your Daily Exercise Routine

Daily Exercise Apps

–Get ripped with low-cost iPhone apps for your daily exercise routine!

You can be the boss of your daily exercise routine with an iPhone app from this list of low-cost exercise solutions. These apps will have you in swimsuit shape in no time at all.

1. RunKeeper


If you’re a running nut, give this iPhone app a try. It’s built to help you get running, though it will also track exercises like hiking, cycling, walking, and skiing if you do those on a regular basis.

Built to require GPS, this will keep track of your route during the workout and then provide you with data about the session. Works best with iPhone 3G.

2. FitnessBuilder


With this app, you’ll have all the guidance you need with over 4,000 images and videos as well as 400 workout routines from which to choose.

Never do an exercise incorrectly again with their easy to follow instructions and simple interface that makes the journey a pleasure. You can even search for a workout that fits your location, whether you’re on the road in a hotel, at home, or in the great out of doors.

3. iFitness


This personal trainer style app is great for those needing a guiding hand through their daily exercise routine. As one of the Top Paid apps in the iTunes store, this one is definitely popular.

Use it to go through individual exercises (grouped by muscle group or alphabetically), customize your workout, or choose from pre-set routines.

4. Authentic Yoga with Deepak Chopra

Authentic Yoga

If you’re a yogi, look no further. This little iPhone app combines both images and videos with expert advice so that you can flow through your practice with ease.

Whether you’re looking to become more flexible, need a strength and balance session, or want to relax and unwind, this app has it all. And at $1.99, it’s hard to beat.

5. BeatBurn Treadmill/Outdoor Trainer


If you’re a lover of the treadmill, then you’ll want to get your hands on this one. It will help you get moving to music that changes as you increase your exercise speed, and then will provide you with choices for treadmill programs.

You can adjust things like speed, incline, distance and calories burned. You can also get their BeatBurn Elliptical Trainer if that’s more your style.

6. Weightbot


The Weightbot is one of the most popular apps in the iTunes store. This little bot lets you configure it with your basics – height, weight, and goals – and then calculates your body mass index.

Enter your weight daily to keep track of how you change over time in a graph or chart. Then get to work! Though its functionality is basic (just tracking your weight), it does this very simply and easily.

7. FitFanatic


You can track nearly everything related to your daily exercise routine with this fantastic FitFanatic app. Choose from activities like cycling, cross country skiing, dancing, stationary cycling, hiking, martial arts, and more. Then put in your stats (height, weight, goals) and keep track of your progress over time by week, month, or even year.

There’s even an “unspecified” stat category that lets you customize it for your purposes.

8. Daily Ab Workout

Daily Ab Workout

If sexy abs are what you’re after, then go for the Daily Abs app. This free one provides daily exercise routine that you can do to focus only on your abs. They’ll provide images to guide you through the routine and make it easy and quick.

9. 100 Push-Ups

100 Push-Ups

For those who want to challenge themselves to get to 100 push-ups, this is the app of choice. It’s simple in concept – takes you through routines week by week over 100 days – with the goal of helping you get to 100 push-ups at the end. So get pumping!

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