Jumpstart Your Exercise Program

In doing exercise programs many start strong, others move slow but are able to maintain their pacing but too most people jumpstarting the exercise program is really a challenge.

Have you heard someone say: “I want to go to the gym but am too lazy to do it”? Does that sound familiar to you? Or have you often wondered yourself, “Is there a way that can really help?” There are no guarantees to these pointers, but, it might help you get focused and be on the right track!

1. The first thing to do is to be honest with yourself and answer the question why you want to do it. That is the first major step towards your goal, knowing the purpose why you will enter an exercise program.

Focus more on the long-term benefits to your health rather than just the figure and outward appearance. This is not to say, however, that it is not as important, in fact to some this means bouncing back from their low self esteem and winning their own battles.

2. To some it may be necessary to ask if your finances will support the activity you are planning to join. A few financial adjustments may have to be made but keep in mind all that it’s worth.

3. Find an activity that you really love doing. Ask questions like: will you enjoy a team activity or would you rather be alone? Are you an outdoor person or more of the indoor type?

Do you like dancing, aerobics, yoga, swimming or any other activity you have always kept in mind but never had the time to start with? It is time to find your passion and pamper yourself! Be on the lookout for groups or clubs in your community that you can join. Once you have answered all the necessary questions, go for it!

4. Look at it from the perspective of enjoyment and fun rather than a burden. If you can change your attitude towards what you do and find enjoyment in it, you will never find yourself complaining about it. You may be surprised to find that something is missing when you are not out to do it.

5. Whether it’s a team activity or not, I suggest you look for a buddy, someone who is on the same bout with you and with whom you can share your goals with.

You can also agree on being each other’s accountability, meaning you will set a common goal and motivate each other to do it. It now becomes a two way process, you getting to your goals and at the same time helping another person reach his/her own goals.

6. And the best part here is, to set a reward for yourself once you have reached your goal! Remember, however, that you must be creative in setting new goals and new rewards each time to keep yourself going.