Maintain Your Motivation with Rewards to Achieve Extreme Fitness!

Keeping motivated for extreme fitness can be challenging, even for the most experienced exercisers. Your workout will become boring and dull if you follow the same workout routine forever.

Plan ways to reward yourself for a job well done and avoid drawbacks.

For achieving extreme fitness, you have to follow regular workout program but it should not be a punishment.

Extreme FitnessTo maintain your motivation, you have to build in regular rewards. For extreme fitness, you should not involve candy or similar kind of foods. Do not motivate yourself with calorie loaded treats because these kinds of treats involve more exercise later.

Make a list of activities that you enjoy and include music and books in your daily routine. Have a variety of small, medium and large rewards for small, medium and large accomplishments.

If your goal is to lose weight, then plan appropriate rewards for smaller goals. Plan yourself a reward for every five pound lost. Buy a CD or DVD of a recently released movie for reaching small goal.

You can also keep track of how many calories you burn each day and when the total reaches 3500 calories, you can reward yourself buying a magazine which you would not purchase normally.

The rewards should be for mind and soul and not for stomach. When your goal is reaching extreme fitness and gaining muscle strength, set up the rewards for weight lifting or pressing heavier weights, for running two miles instead of one mile, or for exercising for long periods of time. The rewards should be same such as magazines, books and music.

If you are exercising with a friend or family member to reach goals, you can reward with slight variations. Write your own reward ideas that you would like to receive for caring your body through extreme fitness.

Exchange your ideas list with your partner so that when you reach your goal, your partner chooses one of the items from the list for reward.

This encourages to work towards extreme fitness as you are accomplished with rewards for every goal. Keep in mind that reward should match the size of accomplishment.

For small goal, if you buy expensive thing, it leads to dissatisfaction with other incentives. Reward yourself with an item you enjoy towards extreme fitness.

If you meet a mid-size goal, buy new fitness clothes or take a day off to relax. If you have worked and reached a biggest goal, take a spa weekend to pamper your beautiful body. If you have prepared for a marathon and completed 26 miles, take a mini vacation and spend your time relaxed in your accomplishment.

Keeping your motivation high can be challenging to reach extreme fitness with everyday demands of life. If you add incentives, it will encourage you long way in attaining extreme fitness and help you to reach your goal faster.