Most Dramatic Celebrity Weight Loss Stories

celebrity weight loss storiesHere are some of the celebrity weight loss stories, identify whose was the most dramatic:

  • Jennifer Hudson who came down to a size 6 from a size 16
  • Funny man Drew Carey used no carb diets and cardio workouts to lose 80 pounds
  • 50 Cent had to play a cancer patient in his film Things fall Apart and he lost 50 pounds so he could become a believable sick man
  • John Goodman once weight a whopping 400 pounds but is much lighter in his new slimmer avatar
  • Jason Alexander lost 30 pounds on the Jenny Craig diet
  • Christian Bale basically transformed into a walking skeleton by losing his hunky frame and 63 pounds to play the lead in The Machinist
  • Valerie Bertinelli lost 40 pounds, got back into bikini shape and ran a marathon, is now a Jenny Craig spokesperson
  • Kelly Osborne lost 40 pounds thanks to Dancing with the Stars
  • Michael Moore author of Stupid White Men lost 70 pounds last year but some of it crept back
  • Star Jones lost 150 pounds thanks to Gastric Bypass surgery
  • Sara Rue lost 40 pounds, again with Jenny Craig