What To Do If You are New to Fitness?

There is a lot of difference between thinking of starting and actually to workout. Working out is the best way to keep yourself fit and healthy. If you are a beginner and are just starting to workout then there are a few smart workouts that you can begin with to give a good start to your routine. The first step you want to take is to get off from your bedand go towards your gym.

If you want your fitness goals to be successful, then you must know to how choose the right track to start. Most of the time beginners fail to attain their goals because they usually choose the wrong routines to start from, put their wrong foot forward, take wrong measures and hence struggle with developing muscles and burning fat. Here are a few smart tips if you are just beginning to work out and are finding the right exercises to begin with. These tips can help you progress in the right direction.

What To Do If You are New to Fitness?

1. Slow start

Don’t start running miles on the first day itself. Give your body time to catch up with the pace. Loosen up your muscles first and then start with the tough workouts. It is recommended to start working out 2-3 days per week in the beginning. Begin with 15 minutes per day and increase your timing as the days proceed.

2. Know about the stretching routines

Stretching can be harmful if you start doing it without any warm up. Initial warm-up of bodies is very important before stretching your muscles. If you stretch your muscles and hold it for 15 seconds approximately then you will harm yourself less in the process of warming up.

3. Mix the routines up

Do not follow the same routine for days. Mix your routine up a bit. Shuffle in between the exercises so that every part of your body benefits from the work out schedules. There are various things you can try like aerobic, flexibility and balance training, resistance and strength training and mix these up for better and faster results.

4. Know how to use your weight

If you are starting to use weights then make sure that you start with the lowest possible weight that gives strain to your muscles. Increase the weight eventually as you proceed with the training. Do not start with the heaviest weight on the first day of the training. Only an increment of 10 percent on per week must be done.

5. Take breaks

Taking breaks between workout routines is important. The body gets fatigued easily and muscles need time to come back to the relaxed position so that that can work again. Give your muscles little breaks while working out. Don’t train so much that you need to take painkillers afterward. Make sure your body heals naturally after a sore workout.

6.Some additional tips

  • Breathing deeply in between workouts can help you improve your performance.
  • If you are a beginner then hire a professional trainer to set proper routine.
  • Start with comfortable exercises first instead of taking up workout challenges.
  • Make sure that you change the duration and intensity of workout sessions.
  • Shuffle the exercises up. Don’t stick with one routine for long.