No Time To Exercise? Fast 15 Minute Workout Plan To Achieve Better Fitness In Your Busy Life!

Are you anxious about your regular body fitness? It might be your busy day schedule or a business trip, which interrupts your regular workout time.

But, don’t bother about it! Here is a simple 15 minute workout plan, which you can practice at your home conveniently and achieve enhanced body fitness [Health and exercise for busy folks].

However, you can face dozens of daily life circumstances that often get into your way of perfect exercise routine. But, you should be able to defend yourself with all those situations and spend some time for your body fitness.

Even though it is not possible to avoid all those obvious situations, you need to make out some time for your regular body

So, enter into a 15 minute body workout plan. This can become a perfect way for you to attain better health and fitness, in spite of your hectic daily busy schedule in life. A 15 minute workout plan mainly includes:


Apart from building strength and improving your body flexibility, yoga greatly helps to relax your mind and also improves your concentration level. There are many ways to practice yoga workouts, try to know more about all those yoga work outs and daily perform them every day for at least 5 minutes [Power yoga for strength and flexibility].


You can practice as many pushups as you can do in a span of 30 to 60 seconds. Always remember, after practicing each and every workout, take few seconds rest and then continue working.


In this type of exercise, you have to walk your feet up and down the wall flexibly. Practice handstands for approximately 2 minutes.

Perfect jumps!

Performing perfect jumps strengthens your calves, shoulder, thighs, back, arms and abs. Hold the handles of a jumping rope at your hip height and slightly bend your knee, then start jumping over the rope with your both feet. You can also try running jump to get better results.

Simple exercise for your abdomen!

To perform this exercise, lie on your back by positioning your hands on your sides and slowly lift your upper body and legs. Now, position your arms and lower legs in parallel to floor. Perform this exercise for as many reps as you can in just 30 -60 seconds [Abdominal exercise equipment].

Are you sure with the above procedure? If not take advice from any experienced physical trainer and then try to practice it under his guidance to get better results.

15 minute workout routine is very easy to practice and it should also involve your core as well as upper and lower parts of your body. You can prefer this particular fitness plan, when you are short of time or when you don’t have any opportunity to go for gym or for an outdoor body workout. So, if you are falling short of time, then try to practice this simple 15 minute workout plan and get better heath and fitness in your life.