Organizing Your Own Fitness Workout Group At Office

You are very much conscious about your health.

You want to lose weight and maintain fitness all the time.

But you are busy with your work schedules and cannot spend so much time for exercise workout at your home or office.

If you want to spend time also, you are not able to maintain the exercise schedule alone. Many people face with one or the other problem like this.

You have opportunity to maintain fitness at office. You can workout at office by spending less time with out getting workout

It is possible if you share your ideas with your colleagues. You can talk to your colleagues and friends about organizing fitness workout group at office so that colleagues can support and encourage each other and maintain fitness.

If a fitness workout group is formed, then everyone can share their ideas with others and everyone can give their best idea for diet. Some companies want their employees to be fit and healthy, so they give permission for these types of programs. You can talk to your manager or supervisor before proceeding further.

Announce: once you have discussed with your colleagues about fitness workout at office, you can announce or take a print out of the announcement and paste it around the rest rooms, snack rooms and around the area where water coolers are placed. Once you publicized the matter, many staff members who are interested about their health and fitness can come and contact you if you leave your phone number on the announcement.

Talk about the fitness workout: After the announcement and contacts, you all decide to meet at some place to discuss about organizing own fitness workout at office. You can discuss individual’s needs and identify which workout is best for everyone.

Start workout and make it a fun: once you have discussed about the fitness workouts, now everyone can start their workouts. The fitness workouts can be without equipment or with equipment.

You can buy inexpensive fitness equipment by sharing the amount. You can workout with that equipment in the tea break or in the snacks time. Based on the equipment, you can split the time and your group can be divided into subgroups to workout at different timings because the equipment should be available to every one.

If you are not purchasing any equipment, still you can walk in the parking lot for ten to fifteen minutes, taking stairs in stead of lift, performing stretching exercises at your desk and parking your vehicle far away in the parking lot from the office entrance. Every one in the group should workout and they should discuss about their progress in the meetings held once in a week once in two weeks.

This is not a competition, so no need to hurry and workout more intensely. You can keep a goal like losing weight in one month. You can encourage each other by rewarding the person who achieves the goal. In this way, other people can follow the fitness workout and it becomes an encouragement to them. All the group members can discuss about the diet they are planning to maintain fitness and what should be included and what not.

Once you have organized the fitness workout group at office, you should not neglect about the fitness programs and meetings. You have to keep track of the group and you should keep the group on track by meeting regularly.