Tips on Physical Fitness Plan for Teenagers

Teenage is such a stage in the life of a child which is filled with so many new areas to explore. The amount of pressure on studies, extra coaching and other responsibilities increase wherein physical fitness takes a backseat.

These children who always lived an active life with so many games and sports to indulge in hardly find time with any activity at all. But this slumber all of a sudden can be damaging to the body and growth as well. Here are some different kinds of physical fitness plan for teenagers that are simple and easy to induct into everyday life.

Physical Fitness Plan for TeenagersPhysical fitness plan for teenagers

·         Stretching exercises – Children should begin with stretching exercises as they build flexibility in this prime age. Muscles need to be flexed to obtain good fitness and this again helps in good stamina levels which children need the most for other regular stressful activities as well.

·         Walking or cycling – One of the least expensive and most effective fitness regimen that children can be introduced to is either walking or cycling which can be a fun loving and casual activity. When children are encouraged to undertake routine outside work such as visiting a nearby place by cycling the enthusiasm to keeps them going to continue for a long time turning it into a habit.

·         Aerobics – Aerobics is another terrific activity that teenagers can undertake to build physical fitness. This activity helps to tone down the body and also help in building confidence about self in this tender age.

·         Swimming or Stairs Climbing – Again these activities act on the muscles as they provide core strength and toning as well. These activities are not only simple but they can also be made as a part of daily routine which children will not deter from following.

·         Lifting weights – This is though a little difficult activity children can begin with smaller weights and use them for smaller sessions of weight training. It is important to train with weights only within the advisable limits of the child and undertaking it excessively may cause muscle injury or ligament tear.

While it is important that teenagers should be properly supervised when undertaking training with weights and machines as chances of doing it improperly are higher. Besides each child has a different body and stamina levels and understanding it before introducing a kind of physical fitness plan is always helpful.