Plan a Morning Exercise Routine and Stick to It

Morning time is definitely the best time of the day for a busy person’s workout. All you need to do is make proper planning of your exercise routine and stick to it.

morning exercise routineHere are a few useful tips that will help you in planning your morning exercise routine:

Turn back the clock: Before beginning your morning workout, you have to create time for those workouts. The best way to do this is setting your alarm 15 minutes fast.

It takes some time to adjust with your new wake up time, gradually set the alarm for another 15 minutes faster. Now you have yourself half an hour for your morning workout. Also you might want to adjust your bed time according to your new schedule.

Adjust your bed time in advance: Once you’ve decided to do morning workout, don’t go to the bed at the same time you always used to. Simply remember that when you are getting up earlier, you need to go to bed early.

Prepare yourself the night before: When it comes to your morning routine there are lot of things that you need to take care of the night before, so that you find some extra time for your morning workout. For instance:

  • Putting your briefcase, keys and checkbook by the door so that you don’t need to look for them;
  • Setting the timer on the coffee maker before going to bed;
  • Making your lunch.

These things will save you couple of minutes in the morning so that you can add another set of repetitions to your morning exercise routine.

Your workout pajamas: Wear shorts and t-shirts before you go to bed so that you don’t need to change your apparel. When you get off your bed, you can just slip into your shoes and get on to your workout. Pack your work clothes.

Don’t be lazy on the weekends: The best way to stick to your morning exercise routine is going to bed and getting up at the same time each day, even on weekends. Sleeping for an extra hour will throw you totally out of the whack.

Now you have completed making all the personal and professional adjustments in your life so that you can work out in the morning.

Here are the ways to make sure your body is operating at its top performance levels. This will not only build up most of your exercises, but also aid you in avoiding damage.

Drink water early and often: Drinking lots of water is essential before you work out and it’s even more important when you are working out in the morning. Remember that for the past 6-7 hours during the night, you have not had anything to drink. So it’s essential to hydrate your body to exercise effectively. Drink a few glasses of water as soon as you get up in the morning.

Warming up: Warming up your body is also an essential thing. Beginning your workout without warming up will upset your body and harm your heart. There is a greater risk of back injuries. So allocate 10 minutes of the morning exercise routine to perform light workouts like walking. You will be able to tell when you are warmed up i.e. when you begin breaking the sweat.

Cooling down: This is also another extra important factor. Once you finish doing the workouts don’t make the mistake of stopping suddenly. This can also hit you hard. Similar to warming up, you need to follow the same guidelines for cooling down as well; but instead of picking up the pace, gradually slow down.

Have breakfast: You need to have a good, balanced and nutritious breakfast in the morning. Pumping your body with proper food is the key to a great body; optimize your workouts and energetic health.

After working out, your muscles are screaming for energy. A balanced diet, consisting of proteins, carbs and a little fat is essential.

Now you just got yourself a great plan for morning exercise routine. Why waste time then? Start on it right away.