Popular Fitness Myths You Should Steer Clear Of – Part 1

women using weightsThere are a number of myths that you are either feeding yourself or being fed by the media/so called experts that could be detrimental to your fitness goals, Beware of them!

  1. Your genes are responsible for what you weigh: It turns out that only 25% of our body weight is determined by our genes and the rest depends on our lifestyle, our habits and our behavior. The fact is that you can actually alter your weight by eating right and exercising. With strength and resistance training it is possible to improve strength even when you are 90!
  2. Women become bulky when they do weights: It is actually very difficult for women to bulk up even if they try. Ask the fitness models just how difficult it is. It is the male hormone testosterone that is responsible for bulking up.
  3. You can lose weight from parts of the body: It is possible to lose weight from the entire body, not just some parts. Only surgery will do that for you. No matter what the infomercials tell you, spot reduction is simply not possible.
  4. Lift heavy with fewer reps for building muscle; for toning lift light with more reps: Actually lifting light is not much good for anything. If you don’t stress the muscle, you aren’t really doing it any good.

Source: MSN