Retired? How You Can Turn It To Your Advantage And Get Fit At The Same Time?

If you are a retired person or one close to retirement, do you look upon retirement as the end of the road? Are you wondering what you will do with your time and are you also worried about health issues that you have or may develop? Well if so, retirement may just be a blessing in disguise!

Consider the fact that you have so much more time after retirement; it is in fact as though one is given the gift of time. No longer are you chained to a desk or whatever other job it is you have for many hours of day.

Even if one does want to continue working after retirement this is an option open to seniors; or they can choose to work part time, leaving time over for things that one always wanted to do.

A demanding professional life and the demands of family life did not perhaps leave much time for other pursuits, but retirement is the ideal time for that. One can, perhaps for the first time do things like:

Take up Golf: Golfing is the most enjoyable way to incorporate a good brisk walk into your daily routine without it feeling like work.

You can fix up to start playing with a buddy if you like and start up a truly enjoyable daily jaunt. Any other sport that you find interesting will do; it should be something that gets you excited and gets you moving!

Explore your Neighborhood: Do you have a wooded area close to home? If so explore that for interesting flora and fauna, take an interest in the birds. Who knows, you have never have been a bird watcher but it could be something that really appeals.

Are there any museums, art galleries or other interesting installations or collections in your vicinity that you always wanted to see but never got around to it? Well now is the time to go walking about all those museums and galleries. The walk will be good for you and you will end up learning a whole lot of new stuff as well.

Reconnect with friends: In a busy life, old friends somehow fall out of touch. Reconnect and re-familiarize yourself with your friends. Perhaps you can go for that trip you always wanted to, or take up yoga together.

Gardening: Gardening is not only a good workout, but it is also hugely satisfying to grow lovely flowers or your own organic veggies!

Get involved with the Grandkids: This can be stimulating for the mind and body and very rewarding by itself. You could agree to take the grand children on excursions, or help in school projects, and a number of activities both physical and mental.