School Based Exercise Program Benefits Children’s Fitness

According to researchers, school based exercise, physical activities and health programs can have positive effects on children, but very little effect on children’s weight and also on the amount of exercise they do outside of schools.

The research shows that the school based exercise programs have positive benefits on children’s fitness levels, even if they doesn’t help much to weight loss.

In addition, such school based exercise programs increased the time children spent in exercising and tremendously reduced the time they spent before television.

Physical activity programs held in school also helped in reducing the cholesterol levels in blood and enhanced fitness levels in children, as measured by lung capacity.

However, these particular school based programs have very little impact on blood pressure, body weight and leisure time activities.

It is believed that poor physical activity and irregular exercise routine is key factor for 1.9 million deaths ever year and almost one-fourth of this death rate is due to coronary heart disease.

Individuals who are carrying extra body pounds as children are at increased risk of developing heart diseases when compared with those who are overweight as adults. So, the main key to reduce such risk and maintain healthy weight is exercising.

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