Shoulder Stretches For Those Who Suffer With Severe Stress In Their Shoulders!

Do you spend most of your time in front of computer? Then you might be experiencing severe stress in your shoulders.

Shoulder stretches can make you to feel good, if you are experiencing any stress in your shoulders, due to the lot of time spent hunching over computer.

Shoulder stretches also help you in your walking exercise that is in a good posture with shoulders bent back in a relaxed way with your chest open. Some of the important shoulder stretches are given here. Try to practice these workouts and notice the difference.Shoulder stretches

Simple workout for your neck:

You can perform this stretch for your shoulders at any time of your work to relieve from the stress in your shoulder. Take one of your arms and try to suspend it by your side. Now twist it, so that your palm is facing out, away from your body.

With the other hand, grasp your head and try to pull your ear towards shoulder. You can repeat the same procedure on the other side. Practice this stretch in slow and gentle way. Stop doing it whenever you feel discomfort [Simple neck exercises].

Posterior shoulder stretch:

This type of stretch can be done in a better way using a towel or rope. You can use any item that you can take hold of and can be easily pulled out. Now take one arm and suspend the rope or towel over your back. With the help of other arm, reaching behind your back, now grasp the other end of the rope. Now, try to touch the back of your neck with your lower hand by pulling the rope upwards.

Shoulder stretch for your triceps:

Even for this type of shoulder stretch, you will use a rope or towel. Take one of your both arms and dangle the rope over your back. Now, grasp the other end of rope with your other hand. Instead of pulling the rope up and down, this time try to keep your upper arm vertical to the floor and parallel to your chest. Holding in this position, now pull the rope down, so that you can feel the stretch in your triceps [Tricep exercises].

Anterior shoulder stretch:

This type of stretch mainly affects the front portion of your shoulder. By placing one of your arms in front across your body, try to grasp the elbow with the other hand. Now try to pull your hand across your body without applying any twist to your torso. You must feel the pressure in front of your shoulder, especially in the chest area.

These are most simple shoulder stretches, which you can practice regularly. Whenever you feel any discomfort while performing these workouts, take advice from any experienced fitness trainer and get proper solution for your problem.