Slumdog Dance Is Latest Fitness Craze

The influence of the movies is nothing new, making people dress differently, repeat phrases, sing favorite songs and dance.

First there was Dirty Dancing then Saturday Night Fever and not forgetting Footloose, to mention just a few, and now thanks to Slumdog Millionaire everyone is doing Bollywood moves.

Dancing is a great way of exercising, a combination of fun and fitness and the latest craze for all things of Bollywood. [Dancing exercise]

The latter is a fundamental part of the Indian culture, all of which was beautifully depicted in the Oscar winning film directed by Danny Boyle.dancing

Contemporary Indian dancing is very expressive and routines are often based on the emotional meaning of a certain popular song.

Many people dread the thought of a treadmill or view jogging as just too much of a slog. Regular dance classes offer all round exercise with a chance to learn something new, so it is no surprise that Bollywood dance instructors are suddenly in big demand.

All around America, the various fitness centers are introducing programs taught by individuals like Sahaily Dadiala, who hopes that this new trend will last for a long time to come. Anyone can do Bollywood dancing and very many have been, loving every minute of it.

All professions and age group can join in the fun and drama, it is also very therapeutic because as you dance to the music you become involved and caught up with the emotions of the song.

Like all good romantic musicals there is always a happy ending so a dance will usually end on a very vibrant high and a satisfying degree of sweat.