Tests To Evaluate Your Exercise Intensity

Ever tried to evaluate the intensity of your exercises? Few know it, but measuring the intensity of your exercises can make a huge difference to your body health and fitness level.

If no, then consider these strategies to evaluate your exercise intensity:

Talk test

For taking this test, you have to work out at a level where you can comfortably engage in conversation without feeling difficulty in breathing. This is one of the most effective tests to evaluate your exercise intensity.

Target heart rate

Target heart rate is an excellent tool to measure the intensity of your regular exercises. To administer this test, you have to do a little math work. Here are the steps that you have to complete to take a target heart rate test:

  1. Calculate maximum heart rate (MHR), which is usually calculated by subtracting 220 from your present age. For instance, if your age is 20, your MHR will be 200.
  2. Next, determine the low end of your heart rate by multiplying your heart rate by 0.6
  3. Similarly, determine your upper end heart rate by multiplying heart rate by 0.85.

The result of low-end heart rate and high-end heart rate will be your target heart rate. So, ensure that you perform exercises within this particular range.

Rate of perceived exertion

This is another subjective tool for evaluating your exercise intensity. In this test, you can rate your exercise intensity on a scale of 0-10. So, moderate exercise intensity will be around 5-7.

If you want any further clarifications regarding these particular tests, you can consult any experienced fitness trainer or healthcare provider.