The Best Fitness Routines for Beginners

Those not currently on any kind of fitness routines, may find it difficult to make a start.  There is so much information out there about what is best or what will give you the best results, that the information overload can be confusing.

fitness routinesMaking a start on any fitness routines, whether it be for health reasons, or to lose weight, need not be difficult or complicated. Read on to see some simple and easy fitness routines that can be easily incorporated into a regular day –

Brisk Walking – no matter what the fitness experts say you need to do to get fit, and no matter what the equipment manufacturers say you need to buy, the fact is that one of the most effective fitness routines ever, requires nothing more than a long stretch of road or terrain and your own two legs.

This may be the easiest start to make. If you are really out of condition, start with as little as 20 minutes a day, or walking as fast as you are comfortable with.

Slowly work your way up in terms of speed and distance; aim for 45 minutes of brisk walking a day and see what a difference these simple fitness routines can make for you.

Swimming – If for some reason you don’t enjoy walking, or due to some reason you are unable to or have been advised against walking, then another exercise that makes up of one the best fitness routines ever is swimming – low impact, no sweat, and a full body work out.

Again start slow and take breaks if this is the first time you’re going to be swimming for fitness or weight loss. Then aim for a modest 20 laps of 50 meters each which you can do in about half an hour or so, see how much better you feel and look in just a few weeks!

Weights – One may imagine that weights are for body builders but they are not – weights are for all of us who want a strong and healthy body, strong bones and able joints now and later as well. Weight fitness routines not only help increase fitness and strength but they also help prevent problems like osteoporosis, increase endurance and body balance. Un-worked muscles can pain if you are not in the habit of using them.

So when you first start with any weights fitness routine, you are likely to actually being in pain – those arms and shoulder muscles that you have literally challenged to work for the very first time by lifting weights, can really hurt. So it is important to give the body days of rest after the day you lift weights.

Even when your muscles are conditioned to the lifting and have got used to it, two or three days of lifting each week could well suffice for one to get all the benefits of a weights fitness routine. Just remember to challenge yourself to lift heavy enough that you can’t do more than 12 reps and light enough that you can do more than 8.