The Mind Can Condition the Fitness Result

So many times while working out, we execute the routine with the determination and consistence that makes us very much similar to a well programmed robot.

We simply act like a locomotive pulling our body on the proverbial track as we fight to the death with our “getting in shape issue”. It’s like we somehow know that a change in the routine will lead to chaos and we can never have results until we have reached the limits of our ability to exercise.

yoga breathingThe harder we push the less we listen to what our body is telling us related to the routine we are following.

Spending hours focusing only on getting your body in shape is listening to an instinct rather than following the right way towards a harmoniously developed muscle mass.

It happens that is spite of the all the hard work we put into getting in shape, the results to be far smaller than expected.

This is why we should be aware that the most powerful “tool” in our body – the mind, can do a lot of damage to our fitness routine.

Try and smile instead of “grin and bear it”. Try to relax. When your body tells you to do only 5 pushups, it is a good idea to listen to it. Monitor the effect of the movements you make and if your muscles are sore for a few days in a row, change the routine.

Learn to listen to your body. Getting it in shape must not relate to pain and suffering no matter what people tell you. A drastic fitness program especially if followed after years of not exercising will make the body hold on to its weight and you will find out too late that the work was in vain.

Develop your focus before shaping your body. Let inside your mind the rhythm of your breath, the muscle contraction and the stress applied on the muscles.

Yoga breathing technique can help you while running the treadmill or doing mile on a static bicycle.

Your body will respond to your mind and the results will appear. Don’t forget for a second that the real fitness results come with time and discipline. If the mind is disciplined, the body too will be.