Tips To Make Workplace Wellness Programs Work

Chicago’s Michael Appelbaum of Fitness Med Inc., warns against conventional workplace wellness programs which are nothing but glorified weight loss programs that have a flawed foundation.

workplace wellness programAppelbaum urges that if only physical activity is used to control weight this may lead to overeating and increase of the amount of time that it takes to lose weight. His tips for making workplace wellness programs work are –

  • A successful program should teach people the skill of caloric intake control.
  • The individuals should be instructed on how to cut back on calories without starving.
  • Initially, you ought not to be physically active, since this can help to “modulate weight loss”.
  • Be content with a plateau until the time that you are comfortable with the caloric intake, and then to lose more weight, opt for a sustainable reduction, that won’t make you starve and which is not too drastic to tolerate and sustain.
  • The rule of thumb should be to cut between 5% and 10% calories. Though it can be more, a 10% calorie reduction is desirable.
  • If your company doesn’t have a wellness program, consider forking out on your own to try and improve physical and mental wellbeing.