Trampoline Fitness – A Hot New Trend

It is something that we would associate with kids playing, but there is a new fitness trend on the horizon, which is high intensity but at the same time low impact, and this is Trampoline Fitness.

trampoline fitnessJumping on a trampoline may look like a lot of fun, which it is, but this is also a great cardio workout offering the same toning and intensity as jogging, but none of the jarring or impact that jogging can cause to the joints.

The trampoline is rather like a cardio machine and weight machine rolled into one, it is claimed.

It is possible to burn up to a thousand calories per hour on a trampoline, but apart from toning and fitness, there are further benefits one can have from trampoline jumping – this can improve balance and flexibility and also enhances coordination and improves motor skills. And the fun factor, that’s just icing on the cake!

A number of studies have shown that if you enjoy your workout, you are far more likely to stick to it, and make the lifestyle changes required to fit it into your daily life, so perhaps trampoline fitness is the answer you seek.