Walking With Poles Uses Up 50% More Energy Than Regular Walking

Nordic training has been done by Scandinavian skiers for many years, also known as fitness walking; it involves walking while holding poles.

It provides a complete body workout and consumes nearly fifty percent more energy than walking alone.

For regular walkers taking up this form of exercise could be the next step in their fitness regime, as it will improve endurance levels and make the upper body a great deal stronger.

In fact most of the body’s muscles will be enhanced.walking with poles

It is essential to use the correct size pole for your height and shape, if you don’t, more harm could be caused than good. You should be able to find out quite easily the length of pole that you need.

Fitness walking is actually easier than ordinary walking because the poles provide the body with better balance and help with stability. Climbing steep inclines are therefore a lot easier and the various joints will benefit from a more even distribution of weight.

An increase of calories will be used up and in terms of cardio-vascular activity it will at a much higher level. Even the bones will not be exposed to as much stress as their density.

It is believed that up to ten million people in Western Europe have now changed to fitness walking as it requires no quickening of pace or extra miles to undertake. All ages will feel the advantages and once used to the correct way of carrying the poles will enjoy it just as much.