Warning Signals To Discontinue Your Exercise

Those of you health buff and fanatics, exercise is not bad but once you overdo it, the harm can outweigh the intended benefits to your health. It is worth knowing what signals to watch out for that would tell you it’s time to stop for a while to get more rest and let your body recuperate and restore.

Whatever exercise regimen you are into, the same signals are to be noticed when something is wrong with your body. Some of the warning signals include the following:

Headache or dizziness is a common symptom that is often ignored because one thinks it is just an ordinary feeling when doing exercise.

However, if it occurs more often than usual it can signal a high blood pressure or anemia. It is frequently characterized by an inability to stand in a balanced stance, and a feeling of being moved round in circles usually with feelings of nausea and sometimes vomiting.

The headache may be localized in one area or may be a feeling of overall head pain that can be anywhere from moderate to severe.

Nape pain on the other hand is a bothersome feeling that sometimes may radiate to the arm. This symptom is not to be ignored as this may signal a heart problem other than just an increased blood pressure.

Numbness of the arms and legs could be just a sign of poor circulation or in worst case scenario could be a sign of an impending stroke especially if it is generalized in the whole body.

Shortness of breath can best be described by flaring of the nostrils, normally this can be seen after 30 minutes to one hour of workout, but, if at the start you already feel tired and you have difficulty breathing it could be a signal of a more serious problem like a heart condition.

Paleness is a symptom that can be best assessed if you are not a medical person through inspecting the palm of the hands. It will look pale with the veins and arteries barely seen. This could be a sign of anemia which is often observed with shortness of breath and tingling sensation of the arms or legs.

Chest pain is a symptom even laymen can tell could be due to a heart problem, but, to determine if it is just due to fatigue, a simple rest should relieve the pain if not you should seek your doctor’s advice.

Palpitation is basically feeling your own heartbeat even when at rest. You normally feel this when tired, happy, upset or emotional. But, when you feel this even when at rest do not ignore it and consult your health provider.
Severe muscle aches and pains that are unbearable and can affect your daily activities tells you that it is your body over stretched to its limit and needs time to restore.

Ideally a 2 hour exercise program should be done only every other day to give time for your body to recharge. Or this could also be a sign of dehydration so load yourself with lots of water!

If you experience any of these signals and you are in doubt, best thing to do is to consult your doctor before starting any exercise program.