Ways to Achieve a Perfect Workout Technique

Staying healthy and active is the utmost goal of every individual. But due to our increasing workaholic lifestyle, we are unable to maintain our body fitness, and as a result, we start suffering from various diseases at an early age. People now already start complaining about back pain or shoulder achein their 30s. This is due to long hours of sitting in the office and working at the same lace. Even after returning home, we are too lazy to go for a workout session. But remember that if fitness is important, then workout along with a proper diet is of utmost necessity. Without this, you cannot shed those bulging kilos and look fab.

Well, many of us are quite aware of all of these and have already started the next step, i.e., going for a workout session daily. You take up exercises such as squats, push-ups, deadlift, etc. but besides these, you also need to do bench presses, heavy rows, chin ups, and much more to burn the fat. But is your workout program perfectly structured to give you a maximum benefit? It is seen that all well-known training look alike but there is a line of difference as to which one suit you best.

Therefore, start maximizing your goals and strengthen your muscles with the right workout technique and avoid injuries which may incur as a result of a weak training session. Read the following guidelines to know more.

Ways to Achieve a Perfect Workout Technique

1. Change your reps every few weeks

Repetition holds great importance in your overall workout program which helps in strengthening your, muscles and losing or gaining weight.

A general guideline of reps shows that-

  • 1 – 3 reps: Maximal Strength
  • 4 – 6 reps: Strength
  • 8 – 12 reps: Size Gains (Hypertrophy)
  • 15+ reps: Endurance

For example, if you only focus on doing 15 reps then your thinner muscles can experience endurance, but in due time you will lose your potential to gain maximum strength.

Thus, plan your workout session in a way which will last longer. Each phase of exercise should have 4-6 reps for at least few weeks. Then switch on to a new phase and with a new rep range. A sample workout reps program suggests

  • Month One: 8 reps
  • Month Two: 15 reps
  • Month Three: 6 reps
  • Month Four: 12 reps

By following this, you can now develop the strength, endurance, power, and gain your desired body shape.

2. Always do the most important exercises first

Exercises that improve every muscle should be your priority. These require focus and strength and should be conducted first in a workout session.

So if you don’t wish to compromise with your workout techniques, then try for snatches, heavy squats, cleans, snatches, and jerks in your everyday routine.

Now that your big lift is done, your next target should be to strike two or more muscles at the same time. This will include rows, bench presses, pull-ups, overhead presses, glute-ham, etc.Lastly, focus on individual muscles that will improve your biceps and tone your figure. Do the hard one first and ensure you have adequate energy for the rest.

3 Move in all directions

Many of your exercises include moving in one direction, but it is advisable to move in all directions to improve your muscles.

Often to flex your muscles, trainers include squats, treadmills, bench presses, bicep cults etc. in your routine. These include front to back movement and doesn’t involve side to side movement.

But your movement should cover all your directions. In any sports that you see, every person is involved in turn, twist, lean, shuffle, and constantly change their directions. These are categorized as a transverse plane, sagittal plane, and frontal plane.

The sagittal plane involves front to back movement while frontal includes side to side. The transverse involves rotational movement as seen in Russian twists and chops.

4. Stay balanced

Lastly, try to maintain a proper balance in your workout technique. Your routine shouldn’t involve too weak or too strong exercises. Keep symmetry to gain maximum benefit from it.  So if you have developed a stronger chest than your back, then, include a strong exercise for your back as well.  Further, you should have an equal balance between the left and right sides of your body. For this, you can strengthen individual arms and legs with dumbbells and single leg exercises.