What Is The Insanity Workout? Is It Too Insane For You?

The Insanity Workout pivots on the principle of maximum exertion for sustained periods alternating between short rest periods.

Developed by Shaun T, this is a program that has been encapsulated into 10 DVD workouts that promise to deliver results in just 60 days of following the program.

This is supposed to be an advanced workout so to speak, so you cannot hope to simply get up from your couch one day and start it.

You don’t exactly need to be an Olympic athlete in terms of fitness, but you do need to be in at least some sort of physical shape and basic level of fitness in order to start.

In general, this is a workout targeted at those who have less than 30 pounds that wants getting rid of. And as always, it is best to consult with a physician prior to starting any new fitness regimen.

The insanity work calls itself the 60-Day Total-Body Conditioning Program and it claims to combine core, strength, power as well as resistance training.

You are guided through a serious of cardio and lower body plyometric drills that helps to build lean muscle while at the same time strengthening your core and burning fat.

The workout needs no equipment to be used or bought and it alternates between aerobic and anaerobic drills which are rigorous and challenging. The program uses one’s own body weight to create resistance and offer a good workout.

The developer of the insanity work out, Shaun T is a professional dancer as well. He has previously released Hip Hop Abs and Rockin Body which previously drew favorable responses.

The insanity workout is his more intense and difficult workout routine which is not dance based and requires a 60 days commitment for results to show up.

The workouts need no equipment or weights and the workouts are typically half an hour to 45 minutes long which are full body workouts. Also included in the package is a wall calendar to help you track the program and the fit test tracker which helps you see where you’re at and what progress you’re making.

Obviously no fitness routine is complete without proper nutrition and no weight loss routine is complete without proper diet and calories intake control.

So the workout program also comes with a nutrition guide which offers healthy recipes so that one is able to work on nutrition along with physical exercises.