When Is It Time To Change Your Gym?

It’s not good reason to change your gym simply because a newer or trendier one opened up, but there are several reasons why you should be thinking of changing your gym.

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you may think about alternatives to your present gym:

Are the instructors of the gym satisfactory? It isn’t enough that the instructors are themselves fit and healthy, they also have to be clue-full about their job.

Are they for instance able to explain to you why you are doing a particular exercise or how it will benefit you? Are they interested enough in their job to really make a difference to you?

Are they knowledgeable enough to know that tweaking an exercise or routine[workout routines] may be beneficial to you so that they are really able to guide you to your goals?

Have you been doing the same routine for months? Chances are that if you are doing the same thing for months, the benefits have stopped accruing; that your progress has halted or slowed considerably.

A good gym should be able to guide you through a plateau and help you achieve more beyond it.

Is your gym unhygienic? If your gym is unhygienic it may do more harm to you than good because you will end up with things other than weight loss. If unhygienic conditions have been pointed out and the management has chosen to look the other way, then it may be the time for a change.

Are you expending more energy getting to the gym? If you go to a particular gym that is a long distance away from home, chances are you expend a lot of time and energy just getting to it. If makes more sense to go a gym closer to home even if it has slightly fewer facilities or is less trendy.

Are you losing interest? Either because the instructors are disinterested or because your workout buddies have moved away you may find that your gym is not motivating you in the way that it did before.

Working out together or under interested guidance is more effective, so aim to rekindle your interest in the gym or change it. Motivation is the key to effective working out.

So Take A Good Hard Look At Your Gym; If You Answer Yes To One Or More Of These Questions Ask Yourself One More: Whether It Is Time To Switch Gyms And Whether Your Fitness And Health Goals Will Be Better Served Elsewhere.