Achieve And Maintain A Healthy Body With Proper Activity And Dietary Planning!

It is a common desire of everyone to have a slim and healthy body.

A healthy body not only helps to live healthy life, but also helps live longer. Achieving a healthy body is not too difficult.

It is simple and all that requires is regular physical activities and healthy eating plan, which are the building blocks of good health.

Regular physical activities are essential to keep your body in good shape, healthy, flexible, as well as strong. So, for a healthy body, include the following activities into your regular physical activities.

Aerobic Exercises

The term “aerobic” means “with oxygen.” These exercises speed up the heart and lungs while moving the body at moderate pace. Aerobic exercises increases oxygen supply to the body and enables the heart to utilize oxygen more effectively.Healthy Body

The best aerobic exercise is walking. It is easy to do and requires no special equipments. You can do this exercise almost anywhere.

However, ensure to start slower so as to warm up and gradually increase the speed after 3-5 minutes. Increase the intensity of the activity by simply lengthening your step a bit and increase your pace.

Jogging is another good aerobic exercise to attain a healthy body. It is a form of running at a slow pace. No special equipment or big investment is needed. If you find no time for longer activity session, break it up into 2-3 smaller sessions a day.

Stretching! It is a powerful part of an exercise program. Stretching prior to physical workouts can prepare the body for exercise. Stretching after activity session help improve movements of the joints.

While doing stretching exercises, keep your body gentle. For each stretch, breathe freely and don’t hold your breath. If you feel pain while stretching, it indicates that stretching has gone too far.

Yoga is the best way to stretch and keep your body flexible. Sun salutation, seated twists, and hip opener are best to stretch most of your body areas.

Strength Building! For strength building, you need to lift or push weights and gradually increase the amount of weights. Strength building for healthy body can be done by joining a gym or by using equipments at home.

On the other hand, yoga is also a good strength building activity. So, practice it regularly by attending yoga classes or buying various yoga tapes.

Deep Breathing! It is most essential for healthy body and spiritual development. It enhances body strength and promotes relaxation. With deep breathing, one can have a powerful influence on their health.

Normally, the lymph system relies on the muscle contraction and breathing so as to pass the lymph system fluids around the body.

So, for a healthy body, do aerobic exercises, yoga, and deep breathing exercises two to three times a day.

As said earlier, healthy eating plan also plays a vital role in providing a healthy body. It is to be noted that the healthy the eating plan is, the healthy your body will be. So, here are some tips to plan your eating habits to stay trim and healthy.

Timing! No matter how healthy and nutritional your diet is, eating at irregular timings can lead to several health problems. So, eat every three to four hours so that you can prevent your body to move into starvation mode, which makes your metabolism slow drastically and reduces your weight.

Don’t skip any of your breakfast or meal. If so, you’ll feel too hungry and may overeat at the next meal.

Portions Of Meal! Eating at regular intervals with heavy portions also leads to health problems.

So, an easy principle is to have small portions of meal with roughly about one quarter carbohydrates, quarter lean proteins, and one half fruits or vegetables at each meal. In addition to these, include more fiber foods. Also, change your diet with various substances for every 2-3 days.

Even good sleep also plays a vital role in providing a healthy body. So, try to get enough sleep. If you are very tired during the day, your body needs more relaxation and you get more sleep.

Be sure to consult your physician before planning your physical activities and eating habits to be fit and maintain a healthy body.