Americans – Less Healthy But Live Longer?

A major new study conducted compares the health care systems of England and the United States, and finds that the English are healthier than their American counterparts at the time they retire. However the study also found that due to better health care, Americans are likely to live longer.

americansThe study found that when compared with people of similar ages in Europe, people in the United States have double the chance of getting diabetes and are a third more likely to develop cancer.

The study examined the prevalence of seven chronic diseases – diabetes, high-blood pressure, heart disease, heart attack, stroke, chronic lung diseases and cancer and found huge differences in the prevalence of these.

In spite of this, however, Americans can expect to live, on an average, about three months longer than their European counterparts.

It appears that the English actually have slightly healthier lifestyles, the health care system being better results in the longer life expectancy than the Americans seem to enjoy.

Americans spend twice as much on health care as do the English and have much more aggressive and expensive health care, according to said Jim Smith, senior economist and lead author at the US research think tank the Rand Corporation.