Body Pains While Exercising – Must Know Facts

We have all heard the saying “No pain, no gain.”  Oftentimes, people who work out in the gym would apply this saying to explain when they experience body pains while exercising.

While feeling sore after a workout can be common because you tend to exert your muscles, not all body pains while exercising should be ignored.

In fact, there are some pains that should turn on an alarm signal in your head if you experience these body pains while exercising.

This is because these pains may signal an injury or something worse.  Here are just some of the body pains that should never be ignored while you are exercising.

Chest Pains

Perhaps the number one body pain while exercising that must never be ignored is chest pains.  While your chest may feel a bit sore after doing some exercises targeting your pectoral muscles, do not take this lightly.

Chest pains that are accompanied by a difficulty in breathing may be that your heart is beating a little bit way too fast than what is accepted, causing it to be overworked.

When this happens, take time to rest and relax.  If the pain is still persistent or you have a history of heart condition, inform your trainer so that they would be able to get you the medical attention you need.

Back Pains

Another common area where one experiences body pain while exercising is the back, especially the lower back region.  Oftentimes, lower back pains are experienced whenever you do not do the required exercise following the correct form and posture.

But this particular body pain while exercising can also be a sign that you are lifting too much weight as well.  Whenever you do any exercise, there is pressure placed on your lower back.  If you continuously disregard this, this may cause you to experience a number of injuries including a slip disc on your spine.


This is perhaps the most ignored body pain while exercising.  Having a headache in the middle of a workout routine can signal a number of different problems.

For one, it could be that you are not taking in enough water to replenish the amount of water that your body releases in the form of sweat.

Another may be that you are lifting weights that are too heavy, causing you to exert more effort.  Holding your breath while exercising can also cause you to experience headaches as well.

How to prevent body pains while exercising?

Taking proper care and keeping your pace as you exercise would greatly reduce and even eliminate body pains while exercising.

While it is true that you will definitely feel sore the following day after working out in the gym, the body pains mentioned above often occurs when you tend to rush your workout routine.

Oftentimes, this happens when people want to see results at a faster rate.  But getting the body you desire does take some time.  Overexerting your body by exercising longer, doing more repetitions and using heavier weights would not make the process faster.

Instead, it increases the chances of you getting injured.  When that happens, you may have to take long periods of rest, causing your progress to slow down even more.