What Should You Do About Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness?

If you are worried about the delayed onset muscle soreness that you are feeling right now then you can calm down and relax. There is no reason to worry about this kind of muscle soreness because it is completely normal to be sore for a day or two after you have exercised.

Having sore muscles is actually a good sign because it means that you have sufficiently worked your muscles and will be able to see some progress in the near future.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

If you want to have some real success while you are exercising then you need to work out to the point where you feel delayed onset muscle soreness for the next day or two.

It may seem kind of strange at first, but having sore muscles is definitely something that you will want to feel. I

f you do not have sore muscles for the day after you did some strength training then you probably did not push yourself hard enough during that session.

The majority of the cases in which people are dealing with muscle soreness for two or three days are when they have just started exercising for the first time. Those few weeks are going to be rather brutal, but it will definitely be worth it in the end.

If you are feeling sore for the days after your workouts when you first started then it just means that you are pushing your body to its limits on a regular basis.

What to do if you don’t have delayed onset muscle soreness?

If you are not dealing with delayed onset muscle soreness after your workouts then you should think about putting more weight in your arms or pushing yourself harder next time. It’s important to feel that soreness because that is when your body is rebuilding your muscles stronger than they were before. The only way to see real progress when you start working out for the first time is to allow that pain to hit your body and deal with it as it comes.

You should not try to exercise through the soreness unless the sore muscles are not hurting you that badly. You do not want to slow down the rebuilding process in your muscles, and that is why it is important to take a break from lifting weights every now and again. If you really want to build muscle quickly, you need to take at least one day off between your workouts to make sure that your muscles have time to heal and rebuild.

Try getting a massage if you are not able to take the pain

If you are dealing with some severe delayed onset muscle soreness then you should think about getting a rough massage from a professional at your gym. These people can get deep down into your muscles and make sure to work out all of the kinks along the way. Once the soreness is gone, you can get back to the gym as soon as you’d like.