Men Above 40 – Tips For Your Health And Wellbeing!

Staying fit and healthy above 40 is very essential because this is the most common stage for the occurrence of various problems in your life.

You should be very careful about each and every step that you make in your life at this age.

In order to make things happen successfully, staying healthy is very essential. Here are the wonderful tips that can help you to stay healthy.

1. Make your diet free of white foods

White foods are lack of enough vitamins and minerals and they also lack in natural fiber. So, these foods can easily raise your blood sugar levels. This can finally lead to excess weight, diabetes and other health related problems. Include large quantities of fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meat in your diet.staying healthy

2. Avoid the consumption of dangerous Trans fats

Completely avoid hydrogenated oils, deep fried foods and Trans fats from your diet. Try to eat healthy fats as much as you can.

3. Maintain healthy body weight

Being too fat can lead to occurrence of various health risks. This is linked with heart disease, certain types of cancers, stroke, high blood pressure and various other illnesses. Also, being too thin is not a good thing. This is linked with osteoporosis in people over 40 and there is a greater risk of early death in both men and women.

4. Practice exercises regularly

Include weight training in your scheduled exercise routine. Weight training exercises are essential to build up the strength. The exercise that you include must be specific to the type of strength you need. There are various weight training routines like power snatch, back squats, sit ups, leg curls, chest press, lower back extension, bicep curls, leg presses, etc.

5. Moderate alcohol intake

Too much consumption of alcohol is very dangerous. It is linked with several problems. But, drinking moderate amounts of alcohol can protect you against heart diseases at 40s.

6. Protect your prostate health

At 40s, the prostate gland starts a growth burst. Peeing a lot during nighttimes indicates that this might be happening to you. This is not a big concern; you can prevent it with the use of medications.

7. Reduce prostate cancer risk

Avoid consumption of saturated and trans fats for reducing the risk of prostate cancer. Only eat protective foods like tomatoes, green tea and soy. Take a nutritional supplement daily that contains high doses of antioxidant selenium and vitamin E. Both these nutritional supplements can greatly help to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

8. Maintaining strong sexual functioning

Most of the times, men over 40 are prone to the incidence of erectile dysfunction or impotence. This is due to the lack of blood flow to that area. In order to improve the blood circulation, you must follow a healthy diet, regular exercise, and recommended supplements. Avoid smoking and consult your doctor about the specific treatment methods.

You can also use some herbs in order to enhance the sexual functioning like ginseng, maca, horny goat weed, ginkgo biloba, oats, panax, and seroctin.

9. Maintaining strong relationships

Maintaining strong relationships can greatly reduce your stress levels and enhance your health and wellbeing.

10. Daily take a multivitamin and mineral supplement

Even if you take the food in right quantities and in right manner, taking the multivitamin and mineral supplements are very essential for your overall health and wellbeing. These can maintain proper balance of your body.