3 Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids

What’s with kids these days? Have you ever asked that same question too? As parents, it really worries us how much time our kids spend in front of the television or at the computer.

Nowadays, kids have their virtual friends and pets as playmates.

So much time is spent watching television that getting involved in sports is on longer fun. Maybe that’s also one reason why diabetes is striking children at an early age.

outdoor activities for kidsThat’s where the importance of outdoor activities for kids comes in. We all know that an inactive lifestyle is not healthy and our children are not spared from that. No wonder, many kids are overweight and obese.

The problem now lies how as parents can we tell them the importance of outdoor activities for kids.

Challenging as it may seem, here are some things and activities that you can do wherein physical activities and exercises can be infused.

1. Free Play

If there is something children would really like to do, that is to play. They can run outside with their friends or play an unorganized sport. They may not be aware of it but in doing so, it helps them develop their coordination and creativity at the same time developing their different muscle groups.

Actually, it can be just any activity from running and tumbling on soft surfaces, climbing trees or monkey bars. The more fun it is, the better the activity, the more advantageous it is for kids. They may not know the importance of outdoor activities for kids but exposing them to as many activities at a young age will make them appreciate team work, group playing and sportsmanship.

2. Weekend Outing

Organize a weekend picnic, overnight camping, cookouts or the like. Having these kind of outdoor activities for kids can make them look forward to the weekend. Having these kind of activities allow them to commune with nature. They can roll on the grass, swim on the lake, bike at the park and perform other fun and exciting activities.

Little do they know that they are already exercising at the same time. However, you can tell them that the importance of exercise for children can be experienced through similar outdoor activities.

3. Encourage Team Sports

Introduce you kids to team sports like soccer, volleyball and basketball because they are excellent forms of exercise. Sports like these develops endurance and strength because they involve a lot of physical activities such as running, jumping and stretching.

If done at an early age, it will strengthen their bones and muscles and tones their bodies. As a whole, sports provide your children’s body with a complete exercise. Playing them results in the development of a sportive nature which will prove helpful to children as they age.

Technology has taken its toll on our children. It is necessary that we ourselves are aware of the importance of outdoor activities for kids. That way, we will be able to exactly do what we say and show them a good example. As parents, providing them with a strong and healthy foundation is something that we owe our kids.