Ten Foods That Will Give You Energy

It happens to all of us and it happens to the best of us; that mid-morning feeling of dread when you can hardly keep your eyes open or that 3:00 pm fight to keep your eyelids open.

Instead of reaching for another cup o’ Joe why not eat a food full of ingredients that will give you energy? We have found the ten best foods for energy:

  1. Whole grains such as whole grain breads and rice.
  2. Oatmeal is a great source of energy because oats are the best source of energy.oatmeal
  3. Bananas are all potassium. Potassium helps your muscles contract. Therefore, bananas are great energy boosters.
  4. Orange Juice has Vitamin C. Any questions?
  5. Salmon is very high in protein.
  6. Beans have everything you need for energy; protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.
  7. Dried Fruit is the perfect high energy and low fat snack.
  8. Almonds are actually the most nutrient dense food. Perfect for energy.
  9. Yogurt is full of protein and carbs which are exactly the combination you need for a burst of mid-morning energy.
  10. While it gives you energy at first it will eventually bring you crashing down and that is pasta.