Tips To Survive From The Buffet!

The greatest challenge for most of the dieters is to learn how to enjoy the buffet without over eating the food.

To solve this problem, the American Institute For Cancer Research has found the 9 great tips on how to survive from buffet.

These tips are easy to follow and you can make yourself tension free on which food is right and which food is not!

Here are the 9 tips to survive from the buffet:

  • Be aware
  • Check portionsSurvive From The Buffet
  • Watch your mind set
  • Don’t make your plate clean
  • Tune into your hunger
  • Plan ahead
  • Follow the rule of two-thirds
  • Push your plate aside
  • Control yourself

Be aware:

  • Recent studies have proved that people tend to eat more if more food is available.
  • In the buffet you will have surplus food; don’t take the advantage of that. Eat consciously by keeping your diet in mind.

Check portions:

  • Check how much food you are keeping in your plate. Be in control and don’t place all the foods you like.
  • Depending upon the calories, try to select the food which has less number of calories and which is tastier to eat.

Watch your mind set:

  • Don’t think in your mind that you have to eat your money’s worth.
  • If you think in that way, then certainly excess calories and fat will store in your body with the heavy meal.
  • Keep one thing in mind that excess calories and fat are not worth for your money.

Don’t make your plate clean:

  • While eating, try to remember that it is not necessary to eat all the contents present in your plate.
  • No need to clean your plate.

Tune into your hunger:

  • Stop eating when you feel that you are satisfied.
  • Don’t force yourself to eat more until the food present in your plate completes.

Plan ahead:

  • Before starting to eat, stroll down the line of entire buffet and know what’s available over there.
  • By following this process, you can come to know which type of food is available over there and which one you have to eat.

Follow the rule of two-thirds:

  • In this rule, you have to fill two-thirds of your plate with low calorie foods like fresh vegetables and melon cubes.

Control yourself:

  • Don’t tempt by seeing some foods which contain more fats and more number of calories.
  • Remember one thing i.e. you are in charge of your choices not the buffet!