What Is Fatorexia?

Put simply, Fatorexia is the opposite of Anorexia. Fatorexia is the (erroneous) perception of fat people that they are not overweight. As anorexics have a distorted view of themselves and perceive themselves as being fat, so fat people have a distorted image of themselves being of normal weight.

This was a term coined by Sara Bird, British business woman who saw a slim woman in the mirror even though at 5 feet 10 inches and 238 pounds, she was seriously overweight.

As a successful business woman, she had convinced herself that she was slim and in control when in fact the opposite was true.

It happens to most of us. We start out not having any weight issues as a young person. As the years go by, the weight begins to pile on.

It is slow and almost indiscernible process; you are healthy and always had a normal body weight and never had any reason to question that.

It is perhaps a sedentary lifestyle, or unwise food choices or even childbirth that changed the way you used to be, but you didn’t realize when you went from fit to fat.

Step on the scales then and make sure that you are not going the fatorexia way; being overweight but unaware.