What Is Recreational Water Illness?

Recreational Water Illness is any illness that is caused due to breathing or swallowing or coming into contact with contaminated water in pools, spas, fountains, as well as natural water bodies such as rivers, lakes and seas. This can cause wound infections, skin problems, ear or eye problems, respiratory infections, diarrhea and other digestive ailments.

recreational water illnessAccording to the CDC, instances of Recreational water illness have doubled in the last decade or so and here are some advices on how to be safe in the water –

  • Do not swallow any water when you’re swimming. Though chlorine is an effective germ killer, there are germs such as cryptosporidium which can even coexist with chlorine.
  • Also do not swim if you have diarrhea, the infection spreads in the water and infects others.
  • Wash hands properly before swimming particularly if you have been changing diapers because any of those germs could also end up in the water.
  • The best way to prevent ear infections that could result from swimming is by using the old tilt and tug method to keep ears dry and removing any water that may have entered.
  • Shower before and after swimming in rivers, lakes and the sea as well to prevent skin rashes.