Exercising Postures While Working Hours

To combat the undesirable effects of the 9-5 routine which most often extends, it’s essential to exercise. Applying a little creativity you can exploit your workspace to the platform of exercise which can be done secretly. Exercising while you are working will increase your level of concentration which will certainly lead you to be more positive.

Exercising Postures at office

Desk jobs not only put extra weight to your frame, it increases strain on your wrists, neck, back, eyes and muscle tone. Another disadvantage is certainly “stress” which can lead to cardiovascular disease, depression, lack of energy and so on. Consequently workout at your workplace only can help you to triumph over from these diseases.

You can switch on your exercises routine with some simple following steps:-

1. Sitting Posture

Posture of your sitting to your desk should be maintained accurately. You should be seated absolutely straight. Your wrist should lie neither on the keyboard nor on the mouse pad which will assist you to prevent pain on your wrists or loss of feeling or weakness, which is called Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. You should move your wrists every hour from clockwise to anti clockwise, 10 times each to prevent the aforesaid disease.

2. Stretching Exercises

Stretches are most trendy and functional exercises for starters. Beginning with neck, you can lean head towards shoulders, hold for ten seconds and release. Apply alternatively. Rotate your shoulders forward as well as backward in a circular motion to increase your strength and flexibility.

Calf and ankle stretches can relieve your tiredness. Pointing your toes up and down will sooth your ankle. You can opt of moving your toes clockwise and anti-clockwise as well. Tapping your feet at your own place will be another technique of exercise.

3. Eye exercises

Eyes are another affected part of your body. Your monitor should be in an adjustable mode levelling to your eyes. Try to give a break to your eyes possibly on every 30 minutes and look around be it doors, outside the window or have a chat with your colleagues. This will prevent eye irritation and lessens chances of headache. You can set your cupped hands over eyes to increase its ocular health.

Few changes in working style also alleviates fatigue and aids exercising while office hours; check the following points –

  • Burning of calories is very significant to be fit. Body movement will help you to do so. Take short steps around your office to crack continuity. Try to avoid elevators and build a habit of using stairs which facilitates blood circulation.
  • Replacement of your work chair with an exercise ball will boost up your exercising mood. It will force you to bring into play your abs for holding yourself. It enhances balance, tones your muscles, and lessens your back pain.
  • Drinking plenty of water will help you to be more comfortable. According to research water can aid in your weight loss efforts.
  • To relieve your tired leg muscles you can opt for lifting your legs until it is levelled with your hip. Stretch it out, hold for ten seconds and release. A further means of relaxation is, raise your legs off the floor, press with the other and hold until muscles get tired.

Hence applying some simple aforesaid methods of exercising you can boost up your day. For these you need not join any gym or work very hard apart from your office. You have not to offer yourself any extra time for exercising as well to be fit and in shape.

Photo Credit By: hawaiiarmyweekly.com