How To Get Yourself Motivated And Keep Motivated To Work Out?

Maybe you have gained a bit of weight in the past few months or maybe you just want to keep your heart healthy, but if you haven’t been working out getting started takes a bit of motivation.

In fact if you aren’t already working out multiple times per week, starting a workout regime takes quite a bit of fitness motivation.

If you have recently gained weight go through your pictures or photo albums and find a picture of when you think you looked your thinnest or your

If you want to start a fitness program to become more heart healthy, print off a picture of a heart or statistics of heart disease. Use this as your motivator.

Use this graphic whether it is the picture of yourself or the statistics of heart disease and every time you don’t want to work out or get out of bed, look at this.

Set a schedule for the upcoming week and treat your workout sessions like a job or appointment that you can’t break. For example on Sunday night sit down and look at your week and set three times between Monday and Saturday that you will work out for one hour.

Or set five times where you workout for 45 minutes. No matter what comes up over the week you will not cancel those workout appointments with yourself!

Barter with yourself. Set rewards for yourself that you will get if you work out. For example you have set a date with yourself to work out Monday after work but your co-workers are going to happy hour and you really want to go.

Tell yourself if you work out instead of going to happy hour then when you get home you can have a beer, or you can meet up with them afterward.

Every time you try to think of excuses to get out of your work out look at that picture or graphic. And if that doesn’t work, barter with yourself.

Tell yourself when you lose those stubborn eight pounds or when you bring your blood pressure down just slightly you can take yourself to dinner and that new movie you want to see, or even treat yourself to some new workout clothes to make things even more fun and enjoyable!